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Employee Engagement

Internal Marketing - Employment Engagement

Good communication is the foundation of an effective organisation and is a key contributor to positive employee engagement, leading to improved retention, increased productivity and reduced recruitment and training costs.

Internal communication is often seen as a 'nice to do'  - we believe it is critical to the success of many businesses. We call it Internal Marketing because we apply the same marketing principles as we would for external marketing activity.
Our approach
Understand the attitudes, opinions and emotions of your employees.

Develop the messaging and communication plan.

Create innovative and memorable ways to communicate your messages.
Our methods
  • Employee Surveys
  • Employee Focus Groups
  • Continuous Feedback Forums
  • Employee newsletters - printed and online
  • Employee Newsflash style communication
  • Employee noticeboards
  • Employee handbooks
  • Employee recognition schemes
  • Employee award schemes
  • Employee ideas/innovation schemes
  • Employee microsites
  • Intranets