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Email Marketing made simple

ATHmail is our email marketing system enables you to easily and cost-effectively send professional, eye-catching email campaigns to your customers or clients. You can then track the results and efficiently manage your subscribers. Best of all, there are no monthly fees, simply pay as you send. See -

Once an email has been sent you have realtime access to view in-depth reporting tools, such as open rates, click throughs, bounces, unsubscribes & much more.

We take all the pain out of list management by handling the messy stuff like signups, unsubscribes, bounces and even spam complaints automatically. Whether you've got a small list, large database or even require personalisation and auto responders we've got you covered with our advanced features.

Every email you send includes a single-click unsubscribe link. You can easily extend your lists to capture anything and everything about your subscribers. Whether it's address, phone number or their favourite lipstick. Not only that, but you can easily personalise your emails with any of the custom data you've captured.

For every campaign you send we provide an in-depth set of real-time reports, allowing you to accurately measure the effectiveness of each campaign you send. Go beyond opens and link click throughs and measure your campaign related social activity with facebook, twitter and forward to a friend features.
Our prices include...
  • No setup fees, upgrade fees or contracts
  • Hosting of all images used in your campaigns
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Access anywhere online
  • Scheduled or immediate delivery of campaigns
  • Subscriber management and reporting
  • Full delivery with click-thru and open reports
  • Pay securely by credit/debit card
What does it cost?
Our pricing structure is as simple as it gets. There are no setup fees, no monthly fees and no hidden fees.

Template Design and Build = £90 - £300 + VAT per template (depending on complexity).

Then Email campaigns cost £12 per campaign + 1.7p per recipient - this is payable online via credit/debit card.
(So to send to 1,000 e-mail addresses would be £12 + £17 = £29)